2020 MTI LIVE Webinar 6: Human Centered Design in a Digital World

Michael Neidert | VP Strategic Development West Coast | Ximedica
David Copeland | Director of Human Centered Design | Ximedica
Jan Zukowski | Director of Digital Products | Ximedica

Join us Thursday 8/13 at 10:30AM PT LIVE to discuss Human Centered Design in a digital world, with experts from Ximedica Human Centered Design is a really important topic and something that can have a huge impact on the value of your company, if you approach it properly from the beginning versus thinking about it as an afterthought. MedTech Innovator’s partner Ximedica has made three experts available to share their experiences and tips learned from years of working with small companies all the way up to the largest medtech companies in the world. You won’t want to miss this discussion, and you should invite others on your team who think about user experience to join as well.

Topics: product development, human factors, human centered design, digital strategy