#47 Human-centered Design in Data Science (with Peter Bull)

In this episode of DataFramed, the DataCamp podcast, Hugo speaks with Peter Bull about the importance of human-centered design in data science. Peter is a data scientist for social good and co-founder of Driven Data, a company that brings cutting-edge practices in data science and crowdsourcing to some of the world’s biggest social challenges and the organizations taking them on, including machine learning competitions for social good. They’ll speak about the practice of considering how humans interact with data and data products and how important it is to consider them while designing your data projects. They’ll see how human-centered design provides a robust and reproducible framework for involving the end-user all through the data work, illuminated by examples such as DrivenData’s work in financial services and Mobile Money in Tanzania. Along the way, they’ll discuss the role of empathy in data science, the increasingly important conversation around data ethics and much, much more.

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