A case study: Lawyers Design School – building a business with design thinking

Welcome to join the rebranded weekly live series from Lawyers Design School. 🤩 From now on the weekly lives are called Legal Design Thinking IRL. ✨ The purpose of these sessions is to contribute to the transformation of the legal profession by giving real-life examples of using human-centered design in legal space. What it really looks like, what are the lessons learned, what does success look like, and all that great stuff.

Today we’ll start the Legal Design Thinking IRL series with an example very close by, meaning with our own business at Lawyers Design School. If you are right now in the place of starting your own business in law or want to create a legal service, you may be curious to hear this story of ours. 🧐

In the beginning, the business turned out to be completely different that I set out to do in the beginning. The design thinking process made me pivot the entire idea and start from scratch when I had already done tons of work to get the consultancy going. In the end, this pivot helped me save so much time and money by not going too far with the original thing just because I thought it would be great. 👏

👉 Tune in to watch the video and let me know in the comments how you are planning to use design thinking in your career? 💥

0:00 Introduction
3:03 How it all was in the beginning
4:20 Start with the vision, what’s your why
6:10 How do you start with the design thinking project?
8:30 Listen to your data
9:48 Put your idea to test