A Holistic Experience – Beyond UX and CX – Fergus Roche – S1 – Episode #2

Fergus Roche, Design Director at Valtech is our guest today. Fergus strives to lead change with user-centric design. He is a master of many domains helping organizations to research, innovate, and enable a digital transformation through user-centered design. An excellent problem solver and a critical thinker.

Discussion Points:

~ How do you think user-centered design can bring about a change? What kind of problems can we solve with user-centered designing? – 3:19
~ Can you tell us a bit about “Matrix leadership”? How is it useful in organizational UX? – 6:16
~ What have been your key learnings while designing CX for the big names like Johnson & Johnson, Qatar Airways, BBC, Vodafone, Cisco, HP, Toyota etc. – 13:28
~ Rapid fire segment – 20:00
~ As you are a psychology graduate, how do you leverage the understanding of human psychology in user research? – 26:36
~ Being a part of both larger setup and of smaller agency, when you’re working or dealing directly with the clients and the problems. What is the difference between the two experiences? – 29:23


~ It’s really about testing our assumptions, like our design assumptions with real humans so that people can make better decisions. 3:45
~ Not the technology, not the system, not the business, but the user and that really holds weight for me. 4:27
~ The value of user-centered design is trying to understand what the risk is and what the opportunity is and what the uncertainty is. 5:17
~ Matrix leadership is about finding that win-win in the relationships and the consensus that you’re trying to build. 6:57
~ The difficulty with transformation just comes down to a bunch of humans that work together, and they want to do things differently. 11:11
~ Testing our assumptions and removing the risk is inherent in the design process. 3:48
~ UX is just one discipline where you’re actually designing for a real experience that real humans are going to have with a product or service, there’s so many different kinds of parts of an organization and disciplines that need to be involved with that, you really got to start looking at the total experience. 16:10
~ How you measure success for somebody’s when wireframing stuff out, during the design and build process versus, when an actual live product, is quite different. 17:01
~ There’s a space that we need to get to where we get beyond UX, we get beyond CX, and we actually start to get more holistically joined up around the total experience. 17:16
~ My favorite holiday destination is somewhere where it’s hot and I’m with family or friends or both. 20:15
~ I’m gonna mention Uber. Okay? It is by far one of the best customer experience focused propositions of a business. 25:18
~ We all get together, and get the best and learn from each other, while kind of simplifying our decision making, so that we can scale. 33:21