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You must have heard and experienced a lot of team building sessions which have usual games and activities. Ever heard of a VISUAL TEAM BUILDING Session before ? Well experience my ‘VISUALS AT WORK’ workshop and feel the difference.

‘Visuals at work’ sessions are aimed at building Visual Thinking skills by hands-on Visual drawing (Doodle) sessions along with nicely weaved in Team collaboration activities. You will experience a unique way of learning with Fun, Laughter, Team bonding and lots and lots of drawing.

At the end your team will have

– Acquired Visual Thinking skills which they can use at work.

– More empathy, respect and bonding with each other.

– Break from usual work but at the same time, learning a valuable skill that they will be able to use at work.

Download Free Visual Drawing Ebook

1 Doodles on ‘Outside the Box Thinker’
2 Doodles on ‘Making Work Fun’
3 Doodles on ‘Great Job’
4 Doodles on ‘Amazing Mentor’
5 Doodles on ‘Team Player’
6 Doodles on ‘Going Above and Beyond’
7 Doodles on ‘Great Presentation’
8 Doodles on ‘Making an Impact’
9 Doodles on ‘Thank You’
10 Doodles on ‘Inspirational Leader’
11 Doodles on ‘Woman power’

‘Kudos at Work’ Video series can be seen here

Watch 20 different doodles in one video (In Hindi)

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