B2B Innovation is a Learned Muscle | Renegade Marketers Unite #292

Ah, innovation. The buzzword of every company striving to be different, daring, and bold. But what the heck does it actually look like to innovate? And how can a CMO get their teams to start innovating in a way that actually yields growth (i.e., not just quirky ideas in brainstorming meetings)?

Carla Johnson is the perfect person to walk us through her foolproof formula for innovation that moves the needle. She’s a 10x author, and her most recent book RE:Think Innovation busts the myth that innovation requires any special degrees, training, or skills.

The key takeaway from this interview is that innovation is a learned muscle, and Carla lays out how the exercises every CMO can use to shape their own innovation powers AND build a team filled with strong innovators. This episode of Renegade Marketers Unite is not to be missed.

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