Beyond Human Centered Design / Anab Jain / Episode #74

Human Centered Design is getting a lot of attention these days. But what are we giving up if we put the human at the center? What are the limits of our current practice?

In this episode Anab Jain shares her perspective on why we need to look beyond human centered design. Or at least augment it with more holistic view.

Next we challenge the notion of the designer as problem solver. Are we really solving problems or are we creating more and maybe even more complex challenges?

Anab advocates that we adopt a more humble and probably realistic attitude.

This is definitely a though provoking episode that will most likely change your mindset about our current practice.

If you know someone who might be interested the things we’ve discussed make sure to share the episode with them.

—– 📺 EPISODE GUIDE —————–

03:00 – How can we as designers not think about climate change?
09:30 – What if we give up the idea of human centered design?
19:00 – How far can we live with the hybris that we are problem solvers?
25:45 – Big question: What inspires you?


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