Brains, bees, and bankers… or why complex systems fail | Karoline Wiesner | TEDxRoyalHolloway

Complex systems are usually very robust. But when they fail, they fail spectacularly. Why? It is a deviation from the right balance of order and disorder which breaks the system.

Karoline Wiesner studies complex systems, searching for similarities between seemingly unrelated systems such as bee hives, brains, or the economy, finding insights through the mathematics of information.
Karoline Wiesner trained as a physicist. She joined the School of Mathematics at Bristol University in 2007 and is now a Associate Professor in Complex Systems. She is co-managing the Centre for Complexity Sciences and has won several awards for her work on the mathematics of complex systems.
She is currently writing a book about the mathematics and philosophy of complex systems, to be published by Princeton University Press.

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