Build iOS app with Rive Animations – Full 3-hour course

Design and code a SwiftUI app with Rive ( animated assets, icon animations, custom layouts and interactions

Assets & Source Files:

00:00:00 Intro
00:09:46 Background Animation in Rive
00:17:59 Button Animation in Rive
00:28:41 Custom Fonts
00:43:18 Custom Modal
00:55:50 Modal Transition
01:07:52 Loading and Success Animation
01:20:54 Tab Bar Animated Icons
01:29:50 Tab Bar Selection
01:37:02 Icon Animation in Rive
01:50:36 Layout and Card Components
02:08:24 Side Menu Animated Icons
02:18:51 Side Menu Selection
02:29:08 Side Menu Animation
02:35:38 Main View Animation

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