Building a Human-Centric and Engaged Organization Culture with Jerviel Lim

In this episode, Jerviel Lim, Head of People and Culture from Tatsu Work reveals the importance of human-centric practices in organizations’ culture.

Time Codes:
00:00 – Intro
00:51 – Introducing Jerviel Lim’s background
01:42 – Working with start-up
02:22 – Why human resoruces (HR)?
03:07 – Becoming Head of People and Culture at Tatsu Works
04:32 – The best way to learn HR
07:40 – What do people think and what do you actually do as Head of People at Tatsu Works?
10: 20 – Hiring, process, and criteria at Tatsu Works
13:12 – What are the Head of People and Culture KPIs?
15: 17 – Challenges and HR should be better
20:10 – War for talent
25:10 – Words of advice for becoming Head of People and Culture
29:36 – Top 3 skills for aspiring to be HR
33: 19 – Where can people find Jerviel Lim?

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