CHIWORK'22 Keynote – Neha Kumar: To Care, and How We Get There

Care shows up in many ways and forms in HCI research and practice, and increasingly so. Touching upon some of these wide-ranging manifestations of care work in HCI worlds, this talk will go on to consider what futures of care work might look like. We will proceed then to discuss learnings for futures of work more broadly, and how we might infuse these with care.

Speaker bio: Neha Kumar is an Associate Professor at Georgia Tech, with a joint appointment in the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs and the School of Interactive Computing. Her work lies at the intersection of human-centered computing and global development. She was trained as a computer scientist, designer, and ethnographer at UC Berkeley and Stanford University, and thrive in spaces where she can wear these three hats at once. Her research engages feminist perspectives and assets-based approaches towards designing technologies for/with underserved communities. Dr. Kumar serves as ACM SIGCHI President.

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