Clip: Human-Centered Design creates emotional connections

“If you’re forcing the user to adapt to your technology, you are going about it the wrong way.”

From Season 2 Episode 13: Human-Centered Design
To all the humans out there, this episode is dedicated to human-centred design. As Lindsay so insightfully observes, “Humans are a hot topic these days”. And she is spot on!

Inspired by UX, CX and all the other “X” trends happening right now, The Two Marketeers go deep into designing emotion-driven human experiences. And what that means for the new creators of experiences: Marketers, strategists and many other ‘design thinkers’ in marketing and advertising.

As AdAge states in their article, “Purposeful, Human-Centric Experiences Have These 3 Things in Common”, great artists, storytellers and designers have always known that human connections enable action and change. As the new experience makers, progressive marketers are realizing this too. Instead of “giving people something to buy,” they are offering them “something to buy into” and acknowledging that the human experience is more powerful than marketing and advertising. Leading brands put purpose before product and work to bring humanity to every interaction they design.

Join Marketeers Sean and Lindsay as they celebrate the power of design thinking. Human-centered design extends far beyond design professionals and unlocks the creative doors to a variety of marketing and strategy roles. Exciting times y’all!