Co Design Is A Buzzword At The Moment, But What Is It Really?

Here is a taste of what Tracey and Dan cover in the conversation

*Beyond the buzzword: what does “Co-design” even mean and why is it important?

*The difference between Co-design and Human-centered design

*Where does Co-design fit in solving a problem? Is Co-design a realistic idea in all problem solving?

*What is the difference between a wicked problem and a standard problem?

*The complimentary tools that must be used alongside Co-design in this sector

*The benefits of using Co-design for your organisation and the people you support

*An insight into the Impacto Consulting Co-design process: The 5 stages on how to Co-design, as well as the methods and practices that are commonly used in each phase

*Sharing of a case study from a real Co-design project to bring the methodology to life and show how it can be applied