CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE AS A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE, an interview with Brian Solis and Orlin Dochev

Next Consult had the pleasure of being part of the 11th edition of one of the biggest tech conferences in Bulgaria – DigitalK. This year the event was held under the slogan “Deep dive into the future” and explored the evolution of digital transformation.
The conference, which took place in Sofia in May, gathered hundreds of guests and dozens of speakers and untied them around the topic of what the future of technology holds and how it will affect the business. They shared their insights about how companies can become more profitable, more efficient, and sustainable by leveraging the power of technology and innovation.
The inspiring conversation between our Managing Partner Orlin Dochev and the world-renowned digital anthropologist and futurist who serves as VP, Global Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce – Brian Solis, was the opening act at the conference.
Inevitably, this discussion brings about the question of what exactly is the meaning of digital transformation nowadays?
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