Data Visualization Through Drawing & Visual Thinking

Data visualization involves using images to communicate complex ideas, and in this video, Catherine Madden from FiftyThree discusses the building block of that skill: visual thinking. For her full class, head over to Skillshare:

👇About This Class👇
Dive into functional drawing! Join information designer and artist Catherine Madden for a 60-minute class demystifying how drawing can help you communicate ideas clearer, faster, and stronger.

As she draws everyday data into friendly stories and charts, you’ll learn how a few simple moves can help you organize your ideas, extend your brainstorming, and communicate complex concepts simply (and effectively) to audiences of every size.

This class is ideal for:

– a designer, writer, or artist eager to share stories in a visual way
– a creative team looking to communicate and collaborate faster
– an entrepreneur honing a persuasive pitch

Use this class to learn functional drawing techniques and unlock the power of visual thinking!

Throughout the class, Catherine uses Paper and Pencil by FiftyThree, but you’re welcome to bring any tool or approach!

FiftyThree builds mobile creation tools that help users to sketch, write, draw, outline, and color on the iPad. Curious for more? Check out Digital Drawing Workout: The Art of Subtraction with Shantell Martin, also presented in collaboration with FiftyThree.

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