DataVizDC December – Visual Thinking & Story Telling

For many of us “data” invokes thoughts of the information age and the explosion of computing power. However, we don’t need computers to experience the data all around us, our world is a constant source of streaming information, a first hand experience we capture with our memories! For artists this begs the question, how else could we capture our experiences? Memory is not a video recording of the world around us, so perhaps there is another creative, external, approach. Data Viz is happy to introduce Catherine Madden.

Catherine Madden has captured several DVDC events, some of which are shown here. She will be walking through her evolution as a designer, sharing her best practices for data storytelling, and will go into depth about her favorite data stories. We are excited to hear how she discovered that drawing conversations and data has the power to make groups of people more focused, coherent, and productive.