Deep Resistance | Exploring the Dark Side of Change in 2022

Edition 11: June 2022

Resistance to change is a cosmos-wide cause of project delay or failure. And all of us, at some point in our careers have encountered resistance from internal teams and/or external teams and clients. Sometimes this can be dark, shady and downright unprofessional behaviour, and we’ve seen them all!

But understanding the type of resistance and what lies in the black holes beneath it can help us cook up recipes that move us beyond resistance and back to change, for good.

A universal ingredient for moving forward is trust. Like rocket fuel it acts as a catalyst for ideas, change and successful project delivery.

Our guest speaker Paul Matthews shares a powerful conversation about resistance, impact and trust.

In this interactive session we:

• Identify the four key types of resistance
• Understand the motives and methods of resistors
• Learn and walk away with new strategies to deal with resistance
• Discuss and share insights, examples and ingredients for success