Design Thinking – A human centered approach


Chandrasekar Pandyan – a Management Consultant, Mentor, Coach, Education, Training, Learning & Development Facilitator, is one among the first few a Certified Knowledge Manager, CKM® from the International KM Institute, USA carries 28+ Years of Corporate / Industry Leadership Experience, with a coveted honor of receiving a citation of being one among the world’s elite “50 Most Impactful Knowledge Management Professionals” from the World Education & Global KM Congress.
He has a demonstrated history of working in the Strategy Execution Consulting Industry and served MNC’s including Fidelity Investments, Intel Corporation, MindTree Consulting Virtusa Global Knowledge Manager & InfoGain Corporation.
Few questions I ask Chandrasekar Pandyan on insights and viability of Design Thinking is as follows: Time Stamps: 4:19m to 56:40m
Can Design thinking change and transform/align the culture of the organization? 4:19m
What is the core concepts of design thinking 13:19m
In practice, can the Design Thinking approach be jumbled up and can this process be more flexible and non-linear fashion? 22:52m
Are there gaps between DT and Execution? 27:28m
What are the methods we should be conscious of design thinking in the role of what we do? 33:41m
Are there any tools that are effective to solve complex problems in the organization? Please share your real-life experiences. 38:42m
Can one develop the capability of design thinking to grow and nurture? 45:02m
Would this approach motivate & inspire individual and also team dynamics as collaboration? 48:50m
“Powerful question” to my guest to unveil for my listeners.  to engage, enlighten and empower (& that’s the mission of my podcast too) Timestamp at 57:10m  to 1:12 hr
According to you, what is the “STAR” moment?
What “inspires you” to do everything that you do?
If you owned the company, what’s one thing you would do differently in learning?
What are the three most important things you would like to accomplish right now?
if I may ask you, What are your strengths
What’s the best book you’ve read this year? or anytime you recommend for my listeners.
What are the characteristics of the best boss role models or mentors/coach you ever had? What made that person great?
Are there any tools that you use on a daily basis to be a better you?
In continuation, are there any habit you are practicing which has made you successful in whatever you do
Your advice to people who are new and want to accelerate their career, and are there any core skills you recommend?
Resources & Thought Leaders mentioned in this episode:
What Got You Here Won’t Get You There: How Successful People Become Even More Successful!
Innovator’s DNA
GRASP The Solution: How to find the best answers to everyday challenges
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness
Harvard Business School
Stanford D School
Mind Tools
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Phone: +91 95000 03656
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