Design Thinking: Human Centered Approaches to Enhance Health Care Experiences

Mad*Pow’s Center for Health Experience Design is a community of change makers who take a collaborative approach to improving health and humanizing the health system. With almost two decades of experience partnering with health organizations, the Center leads the design and delivery of transformative health services, behavior change interventions, and digital solutions.

Here are some perspectives on improving health care experiences through human centered thinking.

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Tami Rich, is a passionate ePatient / eFamily partner with 2 decades of medical case management experience for her son Jameson, who was diagnosed at birth with chronic, complex congenital heart disease.

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Meshari is an epidemiologist and a Ph.D. candidate. His primary research interest is user-centered design and usability testing of innovative technologies in chronic disease management. He has published and peer-reviewed articles in the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health and the Journal of mHealth and uHealth.


Jonathan Podolsky started his career as an architect, designing hospitals, clinical facilities and community spaces. A passion to design what people experience in these spaces, drove Jonathan to become a service designer in 2005 when the practice was new and methodology rapidly evolving.


Kathryn Hautanen boasts degrees in Physics, Materials Science, Nuclear Engineering, and Design Strategy. All held by one person. She’s taking her commitment to innovation in health care to the CHXD, which provides a base for organizations to connect and generate a shared understanding of problems faced in health care experience design and collaborate around solutions.

Vanessa Mason is a research director for the Institute for the Future’s Future 50 Partnership, a circle of future-smart organizations who think strategically about near-term choices to reshape the long-term future of their organizations.


Jen has an insatiable curiosity and passion for science, education, and empowering people through design. She considers herself an enabler more than a problem solver, because she dislikes framing every design opportunity as a problem to be solved.
Dr. Bryce Rutter, Founder and CEO of Metaphase Design Group Inc., is a leading expert in the research,
ergonomics and design of medical products and worldwide specialist in hand-intensive products and
packaging. His work includes collaborations with numerous global prestigious brands and high-profile start-
ups on products ranging from robotic surgical systems, powered and manual instrument design, and drug
delivery systems to disposables, mobile and wearable devices to personal care products, IFUs, and usability,


Kevin Dedner, MPH serves as Founder and CEO of Henry-Health. Henry Health is a technology start-up, app and digital platform that provides self-care support and mental health services to black men. Kevin has a deep commitment to the health and well-being of black men. Kevin is a graduate of the University of Arkansas with a degree in Political Science. He also holds a Master’s of Public Health from Benedictine University.

Elizabeth Markle, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist, researcher, and Assistant Professor of Community Mental Health at California Institute of Integral Studies. Dedicated to multitheoretical and multi-level approaches to individual and community health and healing, her research has focused on social support, social capital, and social sustainability in the context of intentional community.

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