Designing a Human-Centered Workplace

Today, even after a year of the fastest labor market recovery in history, there are still almost 11 million job openings in the US. Every one of those open positions represents a choice. Employers can start to close this labor shortage by creating quality jobs that pay well, are supportive and fulfilling. But how do you create a workplace full of jobs like that?

We’ve created a new tool to help employers and their partners solve this challenge: our guide to Designing a Human-Centered Workplace ( Developed in partnership with Design Impact, the guide shows you how to engage all of your team members in making jobs better, improving your ability to recruit and retain talent, and building a thriving workforce.

Our speaker panel will include:
· Sarah Strassel Robertson, Director, Strategy and Impact
· Morgan Cabral, Vice President of Human Resources, Mahaney Group
· Amanda Duncan, Vice President and Chief Business Development Officer at Workforce Alliance of South Central Kansas
· Ellen Frank-Miller, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Workforce and Organizational Research Center