Designing Inclusive Learning Path through Digital Storytelling: A Pilot Experimentation in a VR …

Speakers: Antonella Poce, Maria Rosaria Re, Alessio Caccamo, Francesca Amenduni, Carlo de medio, Mara Valente

In recent years, museums are growingly recognized to be educational sites which could promote social and cultural integration through different methodologies such as Digital Storytelling (DST), Virtual Reality (VR) and Personalised Education. Starting from this assumption, the Centre for Museum Studies Roma TRE University (IT) has been working for the last three years in the “Inclusive Memory” project ( based on the idea that cultural heritage within the museum could be exploited as a social and active participation driver. The experimentation here presented is aimed at testing an Inclusive VR Etruscan Exhibition designed to foster the construction of a shared collective social memory by combining DST methodologies with learning instructions based on Visual Thinking and Critical Reflection.

A part of MCN 2020 VIRTUAL