Discovery tools and activities – Human-centred design workshop

This is the first of two hands-on segments of the workshop.

We’ll be using tools from the toolkit to plan and conduct some user research, and identify key findings. Get ready to work in pairs.

Make sure you have these worksheets from the toolkit printed (, preferably in A3:

– Research Plan (Page 11)
– Capture User Needs (Page 12)

You’ll also need some Post-Its, markers, and a timer.

This workshop on human-centred design has been developed to help non-government organisations (NGOs) learn about the design thinking process and practice it with some guided activities.

This is Part 5 of 7 of the workshop.

Developed by FutureGov for the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation, and the Social Innovation Council.

Video resources – Human-Centred Design Toolkit –