E03 – Human-centered design for Smart Public Transport

Guest: Dr. Niels van Oort, assistant professor of Public Transport at Delft University of Technology and Co-director of Smart Public Transport Lab. He has been involved in public transport projects for over 15 years and has expertise in public transport planning and design, as well as dealing with customer experience, service reliability, and Big Data. He is an academic entrepreneur and believes in more practice-based learning rather than theory.

01:30 Introduction
04:00 Service reliability in #publictransit
07:40 About Smart #PublicTransport Lab at #Delft University
14:00 How to run #LightRail system in the cities efficiently
20:20 Digital Inequality in Transport Services
28:50 Tesla predication on #SelfDriving Vehicles
34:50 #MaaS from the passengers’ perspective
38:30 First & #Lastmiles connectivity
44:54 Use of #BigData to improve services
49:05 Role of academia in the new world

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