Ecoware molded pulp manufacturing facility biodegradable and compostable tableware


Eco-ware brand was launched in 2021 with the primary aim to deliver sustainability to everyday disposable products. Being a ‘true to earth’ company, we specialize in supplying a range of dinnerware products made from natural, plant-based resources. Eco-ware products are made from a sugarcane fiber residue called ‘bagasse’. Our product range includes simple yet elegant plates, bowls, trays and cutlery – at affordable prices. At eco-ware, we truly believe that our natural products will change the way you eat, serve and package food. Radhe Group of Industries has various subsidiaries businesses under its brand name and eco-ware is one of its new brand for biodegradable products.

”Eco-ware” is a brand that promotes and sells eco-friendly products. We work to influence people to choose green alternatives. We believe that any business has Social, Economic and Environmental responsibilities. With a dream to make sustainability affordable and to change the mindset that being eco-friendly is a lot of work, we are working hard to bring green
products that can replace many things in our lives.
With that Motto, Our company was established with an intention of supplying biodegradable tableware made up of Sugarcane Bagasse, Areca Leaf & Bamboo products such as plates, cups, bowls, meal boxes and take away facilitating containers that are safer and beneficial for the planet earth and mankind.

Making earth a better place to live by reducing the use of single-use plastics, which has caused untold damage to the environment and adversely impact human health. Our approach to packaging has always been centered around good design and in our efforts to make sustainable packaging more user-friendly we are undergoing research & development continuously at our head office to provide the best possible innovations in the market.