eLearning Africa 2022 – Broadening the Horizon: How to Spread the Benefit of Education to Everyone

Giving education a new purpose also means transforming access to it. During the past twenty years, technology has spread education across much of Africa and the world, opening up new opportunities for millions of people. But there is still much more to be done. How we can boost digitalisation, encourage diversity and inclusion, and equip a new generation for the workplace of the future? What are realistic ambitions? How should we broaden our horizons to create a bold, new vision for education and opportunity?

Dr Anthony Bloome, Executive Director and Founder of mEducation Alliance, USA

Hon. Paula Ingabire, Minister of ICT & Innovation, Rwanda
Dr Thelma Efua Quaye, Head of Digital Infrastructure and Capacity Building, Smart Africa, Rwanda
Lady Mariéme Jamme, Chief Sustainability Officer & Founder of iamtheCODE, UK
Bertrand Momo, Storyteller, Learning Innovation Team, United Nations´ ITCILO, Italy