Elements of Knowledge Management

This video discusses the four elements of knowledge management, namely: knowledge creation and capture, knowledge sharing and enrichment, information storage and retrieval, and knowledge dissemination. By the end of the video, learners will be able to
1. Explain the four elements of knowledge management;
2. Differentiate explicit and tacit knowledge;
3. Describe the methods to encourage knowledge-sharing, such as communities of practice and incentive scheme;
4. Enumerate options for storing captured and shared information; and
5. List down the forms of dissemination of knowledge.

00:00 Introduction to the Elements of Knowledge Management
00:37 Knowledge Creation and Capture
01:30 Difference of Explicit and Tacit Knowledge
02:18 Components of Knowledge Creation and Capture
04:29 Knowledge Sharing and Enrichment
05:38 Methods to Encourage Knowledge Sharing
05:42 Communities of Practice Method to Encourage Knowledge Sharing
07:18 Incentive Scheme Method to Encourage Knowledge Sharing
08:04 Information Storage and Retrieval
09:45 Options for Storing Captured and Shared Information
10:55 Knowledge Dissemination
11:34 Forms of Dissemination of Knowledge
11:50 Reference
11:57 Subscribe and More Videos

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