Emerging Stronger Post-Pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March of 2020, the leadership team at Indian Hill Exempted Village School District, a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio, recognized, like other school and district leaders across the nation, the challenges that they faced and the severity of the issues at hand. With uncertainty seemingly at every turn, this leadership team also understood how obstacles bring opportunities, and it was imperative that no matter how long the pandemic lasted, they needed to do whatever possible for their students, staff, and community as a whole to emerge stronger post-pandemic.

With support from the district level, the principals at each level, in conjunction with their building-based teams, were encouraged to take a look at the traditional structures that were in place and leverage flexibility during the pandemic to re-evaluate all areas and redesign the student experience wherever needed. Join this webinar to hear four principals share their pandemic journey, the programs that were redesigned, and how they plan for their buildings to emerge stronger post-pandemic.

The guests will share:
– Their pandemic journeys and the opportunities they saw for change;
– How they focused on community, both internally and externally;
– Ways they remain “human-centered” in design, process, and opportunity; and
– Their plans to keep people at the heart of decision-making moving forward.

– Whitney Buell, Elementary School Principal, Indian Hill EVSD (OH), @IHElementary
– Jeff Damadeo, High School Principal, Indian Hill EVSD (OH), @IHHSPrincipal
– Dr. Erin Owens, Primary School Principal, Indian Hill EVSD (OH), @IHPrimary
– Jen Ulland, Middle School Principal, Indian Hill EVSD (OH), @IHMiddle

– Thomas C. Murray, Director of Innovation, Future Ready Schools (DC), @thomascmurray