Empathy & Human-Centered Design – Holly May from Stanford d.school & Edwin Rutsch

Holly May from Stanford d.school and Edwin Rutsch dialog about Empathy and Human-Centered Design.

“Some people experience having ‘too much’ empathy – over empathizing with people and situation so that it becomes ‘harmful to oneself and others.” We discuss her article: The Other Side of Empathy

“‘Empathy’ is classically described as ‘stepping into another’s shoes’, and is at the core of design thinking. As designers, we endeavour to be empathic and understand the needs of the people we are serving, in order to design around these needs and ensure our interventions are helpful. In my experience however, ‘empathy’ covers a bigger and messier realm. I have found that it is often wrongly used in the world of design, casually spoken about as a thing you ‘do’ rather than a thing you ‘have’.”

Center for Building a Culture of Empathy