Episode 40: Natural & Strategic Foresight | Say Hi to the Future | SpyderWorks

In this episode, we are joined by Frank Spencer, Co-Founder of Kedge and The Futures School, a learning and development ecosystem fueled by Natural Foresight®.

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Part podcast, part blog series, part live event, Say Hi to the Future is an inclusive platform aimed at highlighting the human side of human ingenuity: clever, inventive, and original thinking.

Our goal is to highlight new and interesting ways of looking at the world by speaking with ingenious thinkers and doers from all walks of life. Our topics are wide-ranging and cover anything from mental wellness and the circular economy to the future of learning, frugal innovation, diversity in the workplace, and the current state of small business. With an eye toward the future, Say Hi to the Future’s mandate is to explore how non-conventional thinkers are taking on some of our most pressing contemporary challenges.

Say Hi to the Future is imagined and curated by Ken Tencer, CEO of Spyder Works Inc., a leading business consultancy for mid-market organizations and intrapreneurs, globally.

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