Esko Reinikainen: Understanding government as a complex system through network mapping

The government is a complex system. The majority of methods and processes used to make decisions and facilitate change processes in use today come from the pre-complexity aware sources of the industrial era, scientific management and Taylorism thinking. With the advances in graph theory and network science we now have tools and methods that allow us to see the government system as a complex system. This Finnish government changemaker event TÖRMÄÄMÖ on 25.9.2020 introduced what networks are, how we can see our government system as a network, and the different interventions we can make once we have a network map. It included some examples related to organisational restructures, facilitating cross silo working, and distributing decision making.

Esko Reinikainen from Systems Change Finland was presenting. Esko is a culture, networks and systems change consultant. He has carried out organisational network analysis for several clients including UK government institutions. He was the Networks Advisor to Her Majesty’s Government Cabinet Office’s National Leadership Centre. He is also a board member of Systems Change Finland / Systeeminen Muutos Suomi Ry.