Explanation of the Golden Circle by Simon Sinek (visual thinking)


The golden circle is a model by Simon Sinek through which companies learn to think, communicate and act differently. Many organizations think from their product or service.In this video you can see how to draw the golden circle on the flipchart in a visual and fun way.

According to this model you have to think from the “Why”. This is how you make the difference. You start from the goal of the organization. This way you attract loyal customers and you are more successful than your competitors according to Sinek.

Features of the Golden Circle are:
💡 You should think from the perspective of the mission of the organisation’s
💡 Your communication and course of action must arise from your mission
💡 Inspirational brands and leaders use itMy video’s are to inspire and help to make verbal words more visual. In sketchnotes, flipcharts, graphic recording, etc..

U can use the visuals in meetings, presentations, documents or training. Or if you take sketch notes during college or a seminar.

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🔵 There are many ways you can use to enhance your visuals, such as frames, arrows, shadows, symbols, people, shadows, colors and, bullets. Simple drawings can make complex matters a lot more transparent. It’s basically like the quote says: “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. …….”

The video’s on this channel are all about making things visual. For example in flipcharts, sketch notes, in graphic recording and (the most important) just for fun.

Benefits of visualization:

🔸 Images are clearer and easier to understand
🔸 Visualized information is easier to remember
🔸 Visualization promotes a better understanding of context and coherence