Good UX vs Bad UX – Introduction to UX part 2

Good UX design means thinking like a user and providing a clear pathway to help the user achieve their goals when interacting with the product.
On the other hand,
If your site makes it difficult for users to obtain certain information, or if it isn’t optimized for viewing on different screens, then you might be contributing to a poor user experience (UX). Poor UX is bad for business and can deter users from visiting your site.

This video explains in simple terms to UX designers using real-life examples to explain and differentiate between good user experience and bad user experience

This introduction video is divided into three
1) Introduction to UX – Part 1 –
2) Good UX and Bad UX – Part 2 –
3) User Interface and UI Fundamentals – Part 3 –
It is essential to watch them all

Ayodeji Omonijo, a UX/UI designer and a Design educator with over 2 years of experience, gives an introduction to the field and shares some industry insights and tangible examples of what the profession involves.

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