Green Building Certification & "Human-Centered" Design – Building the Future (Season1)

With Ginger Matthews & Ian Sollenberger

A primer on the different certification options out there, we use this episode to discuss the history, how-to, and pros/cons of our Top 5 programs (in no particular order): LEED, EnergyStar, WELL, Passive House, and Living Building Challenge.

Hint: It should be no surprise that a good project team and integrated approach to design yield the best results no matter which program you choose!!!

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“Building the Future: Green Building in the New Millennium”

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About Ginger:

As CEO and founder of Sustainable Homes of the Future, Ginger’s goal is to produce the finest examples of innovative sustainable architecture combined with the most futuristic engineering and construction standards to produce a truly Sustainable Home of the Future. With our Podcasts and YouTube Channel’s instructional materials, we are dedicated to inspiring current and future builders to design and construct in a way that is sustainable for our planet. Ginger has a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts and has worked in the Real Estate and Technology fields for over 15 years.

About Ian:

As the Managing Director of Development at Sustainable Homes of the Future, Ian has had the opportunity to break new creative and technical ground and learn the necessary skills to manage each project with an integrative, design-centered approach. He has an extensive creative background from a decade of working in marketing, communications, sales and the not-for-profit space, and loves bringing passion and collaborative expertise to the sustainable building landscape.