Handmade Thinking – The Video

This video includes an overview of my book Handmade Thinking with student examples, including photographs of students working in collaboration on handmade responses.

The primary inspiration for my book and this video comes from Dan Roam and his book The Back of the Napkin. Other visual thinkers and artists who influenced my work include Brandy Agerbeck, Austin Kleon, Dave Gray, Ed Emberley, Jessica Hagy, Sunni Brown, and Mike Rohde.

I’d also like to thank a number of teachers who’ve shared their students’ drawings with me, including Sharon Fabriz at St. John’s School in Houston, Martha Cox at Rotan ISD, Rotan, Texas, and Kathy Brotherton and Beth Crawford at Shelby County Schools in Columbiana, Alabama.

Also thanks to John Wegner and especially Brian Beck in the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Research at Angelo State University for technical help on this video.