Healing Together: The Role of Presence

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This is the recording of our Healing Together Community Event from 5/24/22: The Role of Presence

About this event:
Prioritizing our healing allows us to leverage the totality of our passion, knowledge, and creativity into powerful solutions to create a more equitable and just world.

It’s easy to assume that the pain we suffered from bias is just ours, affecting us on a personal level without influencing the people around us. But when we neglect our own healing, we fail to remove barriers preventing us from taking collective action to break bias.

Many of us get few opportunities to see, understand, and practice the skills that enable understanding, compassion, and healing. We designed the BE MORE Journey to support people like you to build ten competencies that are essential to break bias and advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in our workplaces and communities.

Our approach synthesizes cutting-edge research in neuroscience, genetics, social psychology, behavioral economics, anthropology, history, and sociology with human-centered design to facilitate learning among busy professionals. Learn more about our approach, the BE MORE Journey, and the ten competencies here.

Let’s prioritize our healing and BE MORE together 🧡

Join Anu Gupta, the founder of BE MORE with Anu, for a candid, lunch-and-learn-style conversation and community discussion. Anu will share our science-backed, compassion-based tools to help you build the skills you need to heal and advance DEIB in your workplace and community. We’ll also examine and troubleshoot barriers you face in doing this work.

Who it’s For…..

Any leader, manager, or community member who wants to be a catalyst for change within their organization or community. In particular, we encourage directors, executives, and organizational decision makers who oversee teams within their workplace and community to join.

All alumni of BE MORE with Anu programs are also encouraged to attend for continued learning.

Our Approach

BE MORE with Anu is an ed-tech company that trains people to break bias so they can advance DEIB in their workplaces and communities.

We define bias as a learned habit that distorts our decision-making, whether we are in the exam room, the classroom, or the boardroom. Based on our research, we believe breaking bias is a requirement to sustainably advance equity and belonging in our workplaces and communities.

About Anu Gupta

Anu is a scientist, educator, lawyer, and the Founder of BE MORE with Anu, a certified Benefit Corporation. He has logged over 10,000 hours of meditation and developed BE MORE with Anu’s science-backed, compassion-based approach after conducting decade-long research on the causes and solutions to racial and gender inequality. Having trained over 50,000 people, Anu’s research was funded by the National Science Foundation and he has spoken about his work on the TED stage, SxSW, and on the Oprah Conversation. He obtained his JD from NYU Law, an MPhil in Development from Cambridge, and a BA in International Relations & Islamic Studies from NYU. He’s also a graduate of the Mindful Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training program at Spirit Rock and sits on the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies and The Middle Project boards. Learn more: www.bemorewithanu.com and @bemorewithanu.