HEGES-Development of an End-User Oriented Curriculum and Cultivation of an Innovation Ecosystem

Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are asked to advance innovations to address local problems adapted to end-user needs; this is not an easy process. The ecosystem needed to facilitate this process faces several challenges, as it rarely invites end-user input throughout the process. When it does, iteration is seldom practiced based on these end-user inputs. To create a space for iteration, a curriculum named the “innovation toolkit” was created by the faculty of Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST), with the support of Michigan State University (MSU). The toolkit facilitates the application of Human-Centered Design at HEIs. This poster presentation introduces a process for developing the curriculum collaboratively with international partners. By the end of the presentation, the audience will learn about the 14 modules created, the iteration has taken to create the curriculum, and how it guides students and faculty to implement end-user-oriented innovations for local problems. This poster presentation features:
– Richard Chilipa, Professor, Malawi University of Science and Technology
– Timothy Robert Silberg, Outreach Specialist, Michigan State University