HEGES-Measurement of Capacity To Innovate Across Project Participants (During and Post-Project)

Project management teams are encouraged to assess their programs’ impact on a Higher-Education Institutions (HEI) post-funding. Teams must show evidence that participants possess a capacity (or rather competency) to apply research, engage local knowledge, and address local problems with innovative solutions. However, measuring “competency” to innovate is complex, requiring the collection of various artifacts across a project cycle, training of artifact reviewers, and conducting several review phases to analyze artifacts in two respects- cognition and application. We present a participatory process for measuring HEI contributions to innovation. Methods were installed to review various artifacts from project activities (e.g., field trip interviews, workshop diaries). The approach to collecting and assessing artifacts introduces practices that can be replicated across the international development arena. By the end of the presentation, attendees will learn about a process to measure competencies for innovation and scales for measuring these competencies. This Lightning Talk features:
– William Heinrich, Director, Orbis Mindset
– Timothy Silberg, Outreach Specialist, Michigan State University