HEGES-Perspectives for Entrepreneurship Among University Graduates in the Global South

Higher Education Institutions (HEI) have the opportunity to alleviate the challenges of unemployment and poor skilling that affect the thoughtful engagement of youth in entrepreneurship. University graduates in large parts of Sub-Saharan Africa find it hard to get employment after completing their studies. To increase entrepreneurship among graduates, the role of HEIs is derailed by funding constraints and capacity limitations within an evolving entrepreneurial ecosystem. Informed by findings from entrepreneurship learning and training programs in Uganda, we focus on Global South perspectives on entrepreneurship. The views are: Creating an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, Benchmarking Approaches for Improved Delivery of Hands-on Practical Experiences, and Problem-Solving-Centered Teaching and Learning. We used surveys and multi-stakeholder engagement to interrogate these areas based on the human-centered design. Our model serves as an example of the role that HEIs and their partners, supported by USAID, may play to advance employability among graduates in USAID partner countries. This Research to Practice session features:
-Patrick Musinguzi, Lecturer/Researcher, Makerere University
-Raymond Musiima, Programs Manager, Michigan Fellows Agribusiness Initiative (MFAI)
-Alice Turinawe, Lecturer, Makerere University