How Art Therapy Can Help Autistic Children

Many autistic children express themselves through artwork. Because verbal communication is challenging for autsitic children, we want to help encourage any activities that make communication easier. This video discusses art therapy for autism, and how it can help.

Art allows children to enjoy self-expression while encouraging imagination. It can also build motor skills, teach sensory regulation, and help children work on verbal communication in small steps.

Even though they may seem similar, art class and art therapy are different. Art therapy encourages children to access emotions while art class is focused on building artistic skills.

There are many art therapy activities for autism, such as Play-Doh sculpting, finger painting with latex or nitrile gloves, and sand art.

Working with a professional art therapist is one way to ensure success. But you can also try at-home therapy for autism. When creating your activities, remember that you should keep a consistent routine, avoid abrupt transitions to new activities, and give clear and concise instructions.

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How Art Therapy Can Help Autistic Children

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