How Seattle Increased COVID Testing Using Human-Centered Design

Learn how the City of Seattle’s Innovation Team took a human-centered design approach to rolling out free COVID-19 testing to residents citywide. In partnership with the University of Washington, U.S. Digital Response, and Solv Health, Seattle has been able to take a data-driven approach to reopening in a way that enables the city to identify new COVID-19 cases earlier and minimize spread. Seattle is currently able to process seven patients every five minutes. Since the launch of this new initiative, Seattle has received over 1,200 rave reviews on the program from residents on the efficiency, ease of scheduling, and experience at testing sites. Earlier this year, Seattle leveled up its What Works Cities Certification — an achievement that recognizes the most well-managed, data-driven local governments in the country — from silver to gold, making it one of only six cities in the nation to achieve this distinction at the gold level.

Join the City of Seattle, U.S. Digital Response, and What Works Cities for this discussion-based virtual panel to learn how to rapidly create a registration tool, increase testing sites to keep residents healthy, and how to manage the technical and physical aspects of testing sites.

Discussion points include:

• Rapidly creating a registration tool
• Increasing testing sites to keep residents healthy
• Value of human-centered design principles and approaches
• Access to tools and knowledge to make quick decisions and good long-term choices
• The importance of prioritizing a data-driven culture and spirit of innovation to ensure nimble actions in times of crisis.
• Managing the technical vs. physical aspects of the testing sites

Speakers include:

• Jennifer Pahlka – Co-founder, U.S. Digital Response
• Lauren Su – Associate Director of Certification & Community, What Works Cities
• Leah Tivoli – City of Seattle, Office of Innovation & Performance
• Noah Hoffman – Assistant Professor, UW School of Medicine
• Brian (Michael) Wallace – EMS Training Coordinator, City of Seattle
• Lauren Tien – Product Analyst, Solv Health
• Janette Fong– Product Lead, U.S. Digital Response