How to apply Systems Thinking to agile delivery

How to apply Systems Thinking to agile delivery – with Venky – Australia’s only LeSS Trainer. LeSS is Scrum Alliance’s preferred method to scale Scrum. So worth getting excited about this one.

Systems Thinking is not new however, is getting popular in the IT and the Agile world. The question is, how do you apply this philosophy in delivering software. Being one of the few Certified System Thinkers in Australia, had the opportunity to apply ST knowledge in delivering software. This talk is about, sharing those experiences.

Some of the things you would learn during this talk:
– What should you look while adopting any method or a framework?
– Does improving efficiency in your team is bad for the system?
– What happens when you are focused on improving the cycle time?
– How can you use the retrospective for Systemic improvements?
– Use of Causal loop modelling in solving some of the day to day problems