How to communicate with a visual thinker – one simple tip that few people know!

How to communicate with a visual thinker – one simple tip that few people know!

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I have done some vlogs on the below subjects if you would like to learn more about me on those subjects, they are below:

What does it feel like have an ASD when experiencing new things?

My take on how you can tell if you have autism, depression, normal anxiety, borderline personality disorder, or bipolar (bipolar disorder)

You can test if you are possibly an Aspie here as well, as many people who thought they had bipolar or BPD actually are suffering with autism in reality.

How narcissism can be an autistic trait and to avoid this:

I do have PTSD and and I am an Asperger, here is my story:

What I have come to learn about suicide through my own life where I have battled depression, anxiety, and a son with schizophrenia, and how my PTSD has brought me to a suicidal place in the past:

What I have learned about how to be an ASD female suffering with undiagnosed autism most of my life, which means extreme stress, mood issues, anxiety, a tendency towards depression and PTSD (CPTSD), yet I have chosen to live a life of abundance anyways:

Carol is an Aspie and has always struggled with very extreme neurodiversity (score of 205 on the Ritvo Autism Asperger Diagnostic Scale-Revised (RAADS-R) – average ASD female is roughly 162).

Carol shares openly in her channel and on her social media how she does not let her Asperger’s symptoms, impairments, losses, trauma’s, and traumatic childhood in any way hold her back in life – but the opposite!

Carol Bird, author of, “The Son I Almost Gave Away”, has endured countless trials, from suffering a traumatic childhood, to going through several pregnancy losses, raising a severely brain injured child – to reversing his brain injury.

Carol was not diagnosed with autism as a child – and this led to a very lonely, isolated, abusive upbringing that led to the development of PTSD in early childhood.

Presently Carol and her son Remiel are on the spectrum and they do their best to share both their trials and adversities in life to inspire and encourage others to live a life of abundance while on the spectrum. They together founded ASD-Village.

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