How to look at the problem solving using human centered design approach

Avoid rushing to solutions when problem-solving – It’s so important to have a clear idea (and understanding) of the problem before starting any problem solving.

Listen to Gabriel Yoder in the latest Mind the Innovation Podcast Episode! Gabriel Yoder talks about how design thinking starts with empathy and If you want to be great at human-centered design you need to be empathetic.

Mind The Innovation Podcast with Sannah Vinding
This podcast episode feature Gabriel Yoder

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Mind The Innovation is a Podcast For Leaders Who are Ready to Elevate Their Skillset to New Levels.
Growth is necessary for organizations and to survive and thrive, and the future of growth. This means that we as leaders need to develop and grow new skillsets.
I founded Mind The Innovation to inspire and help other businesses leaders to reflect and succeed with their innovation challenges. Innovation is not just about processes and products, it’s also about people.
Remember: Leadership and Good Communication Skills Go Hand in Hand.
I hope you enjoy the podcast. Sannah/

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