Human-Centered Design for Community Change (InnoPower Minority Business Week 2022)

Although the phrase Design Thinking has become popular in many circles today, its meaning is still not clearly understood. Panelists explain what it is and why it matters.

The last 2 years have been interesting and intense. Between the COVID-19 pandemic, jarring acts of police brutality and a reawakening over the threads of systemic injustice, our hearts and minds have had to wrestle with a lot of compounding forces. It is pretty safe to say that we have all been changed in some way. As we leverage design for innovation, how can community leaders consider the broader implications of our decisions and acknowledge the threads of systemic injustice in order to realize positive change?

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InnoPower Minority Business Week’s main priority is to increase the competitiveness of Black and Brown business owners and professionals through unprecedented exposure to the regional innovation ecosystem. IMBW offers new insights and connections to people, organizations, and institutional drivers who support and champion the development and growth of business productivity.

InnoPower partnered with the Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper and WISH-TV to broadcast the 4th annual InnoPower Minority Business Conference powered by JPMorgan Chase (IMBW). The live broadcast on June 16-17, 2022 was be the first time a Black-led business conference was aired live on a major TV Network and Newspaper platform in the Midwest.