Human Centered Design for Empathy in the Landscape | Anna Stachofsky | TEDxBallStateUniversity

Anna Stachofsky, a 5th-year undergraduate Landscape Architecture student has always been a performer and a “people person.” Often she felt out of place for being an extrovert among her introvert colleagues. However, it was this misfit’s profile that helped her realize that human-centered design is the link between creativity and philanthropy. I am a 5th year undergraduate Landscape Architecture student with a minor in Communication Studies. The following video was my final “ted talk” exam in Presentational Communication, which was my favorite class to date (NOTE: the talk does contain swear words. I am very open for refinement of ideas and omission of these words). I have always been a performer and a people person, and often felt out of place being an extrovert among my introvert colleagues. However, I have turned my misfit love of speaking and performing into an exciting position representing my college’s Landscape Architecture program as their “Poster Girl.” It is my ultimate career aspiration to give my own TED Talk, and finally bring together my design personality and my performing personality to inspire change and fulfillment in others. I am completely awestruck over the thought of having the opportunity to accomplish this dream by the time I graduate. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at