Human-Centered Design is like your Favorite Grandma (ft. Stanford d.School + dreams • design + life)

What makes the Apple Pencil every illustrator’s favorite toy? Kevin Bethune (Founder + Chief Creative Officer @ dreams • design + life ) and Bill Burnett (Executive Director of the Design Program @ Stanford University) join us as we dissect human-centered design, and learn how to design a new product that people really, deeply love. Hint: it all starts with empathy…

Kevin Bethune is the Chief Creative Officer at Dreams • Design + Life and Board Chair for the Design Management Institute. He is also a first time author, writing a book for the MIT press. He is an expert in the design and leadership space with over 10 years of experience. He was also the former VP of Strategic Design at BCG Digital Ventures.

Bill Burnett is the Co-Author of the New York Times’ Best-seller Designing Your Life and Co-Director of the Life Design Lab at Stanford University.

SSBT is hosted by Mauhan M Zonoozy, founder of Bubbl (acquired by Cricket Media), NYC-based angel investor, and Venture Architect Director at BCG Digital Ventures

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