Human-Centered Design of AI Systems by Azra Ismail & Neha Kumar • Seminar on AI4NextBillion •HCI4SA

HCI4SouthAsia presents “AI for the Next Billion”, a seminar and workshop series where experts from diverse disciplines working on Artificial Intelligence — Human-Centered AI, Ethics, Fairness Accountability Transparency and Ethics (FATE), Global Perspectives, Children, AI Policy, Accessibility, Autonomous Vehicles, etc — present and discuss their research and its the implications to society and the world at large, and the South Asian region in particular. Their research asks and addresses uncomfortable and crucial questions to provoke and challenge the current status quo.

-Azra Ismail is a PhD candidate in Human-Centered Computing at the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech. Her research lies at the intersection of human-centred computing and global health, with a focus on the design of data-driven systems for women frontline health workers in India. Azra is also the co-founder of MakerGhat, a non-profit based in Mumbai that creates safe and open makerspaces to support communities in realizing their ideas for local social, economic, and political change.

-Neha Kumar is an assistant professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, U.S.A., where she conducts research at the intersection of human-centred computing and global development. In recent years, her research has investigated the role of mobile technologies in global health, with a focus on challenges around data, stigma, and gender. At Georgia Tech, she leads the TanDEm (short for Technology and Design towards “Empowerment”) lab.

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