"Human-Centered Design: Taking Time to Understand Patients, & Providers to Create Better Solutions"

In this Episode of the Advancing Healthcare Innovation Show, “Human-Centered Design: Taking Time to Understand Patients, & Providers to Create Better Solutions” we interview Sonia Panigrahy, MPH, UXC – Senior Director of Clinical Excellence & Innovation
at Community Health Care Association of NYS (CHCANYS), and A Primary Care Transformation and Research Consultant.

You’ll Discover:
*The problem with not understanding human behavior in healthcare
*Seeking to understand the patient to connect them to the social needs they have.
*Designing, developing products, and adopting user experience research

Connect with Sonia Panigraphy here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/soniapanigrahy/


Author Sonia Panigrahy (Pah-Nee-Grah-Hee), is a public health professional, world traveler, adventure seeker, fitness enthusiast, and published author. Her motto is that life is too short to be bored! As a mission-driven healthcare leader and user experience (UX) consultant, she’s skilled in transforming visions into viable, feasible, and desirable solutions.

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