Human-Centered Design Thinking Approach to Survey Development and Use with Sheila Robinson

Interview with Sheila Robinson Ed.D. about survey development and use by James Pann, Ph.D.


01:34 – Creating surveys with a “Respondent-Centered Approach”
04:53 – Insightful tips to create better surveys
08:47 – Making sure respondents understand questions as intended
11:03 – Example of misleading results due to poorly created survey
13:25 – Biases that show up when surveys are used in program evaluations. Biases show up when survey designer inputs their own beliefs or demographic in the creation of the survey.
18:00 – Using either an existing survey or creating a new one depending on what needs to be measured
22:41 – When would a survey would not be the right tool to measure data
26:02 – Choosing a survey software
29:30 – Direction or tips for new survey creators
33:00 – How to connect with Sheila


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