Human-Centered Workplace Design

Imagine your perfect workspace.

We often experience and read about trendy workspaces, but what we don’t see is the process it took to get there. What questions do you ask to pinpoint the needs of your organization? How will your workspace adapt to changes 5- or 10- years from now?

With human-centered design, IKM helps to uncover the potential of your current or future workspace through intensive stakeholder workshops. In these discussions, we lead a targeted investigation to uncover and tackle your biggest obstacles upfront and build a community of advocates for the change ahead.

Project Architects Jason Hindes, Associate, AIA and Robyn Engel, AIA have played pivotal roles in guiding clients through the messy process of goal-setting and design exploration. As leaders at the firm, they continually advocate for the experiential and inclusive design that redefines the architect-client relationship.

Filmed and edited by Sparq Designs.